Bonello Nicholas

Born at Hal Balzan-Malta on 7th February 1926. He was educated at the government schools of Lija/Balzan/Attard, and at Birkirkara. He attended St Mary’s College-Bormla.

In Jnauary 1941, he entered H.M.Dockyard as an apprentice boiler-maker where he attended the dockyard technical school.

He migrated to Australia in December 1954 with his wife Desdemona and children Carmen, Anthony and Monica and settled in Sydney.

He served as a court interpreter for a number of years.

In the sports field, he was a soccer referee from 1955/64.

He was very active within the Maltese Community of Sydney, and served in many of the Maltese Associations then existing in Sydney, amongst them in various positions on the Melita Eagles Football Club managing Committee. He was co-founder of the Maltese Herald, which was first published in Sydney in 1961.

He served on the first Maltese Community Council of NSW. He is also co-founder of the Bajda W Hamra Association in Sydney (now defunct)

He returned to Malta in 1973.

Served as High Commissioner for Malta in Australia during 1986/7

In 1974 he instigated the founding of the Maltese Australian Associaton in Malta, of which he was the co-founder. He served continuously in various positions on the managing committee of the same Association.

[Source: Dr Charles Savona Ventura

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