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To All Maltese Associations Overseas

24 December, 2000

The Migration Museum will be providing a website containing information relating to all Maltese Associations of Maltese overseas. For this purpose we require the following information:

  1. A brief history of the Association (about one page), including original President or founder and Council if possible. Date when it was set up.
  2. The objectives of the Association. What is its current function? What are the current activities? Any annual events?
  3. The membership of the Association. Who can be a member? How many current members?
  4. Whether Incorporated, or Affiliated with a State Council or a Federal Council (if such exists).
  5. Current President and members of Committee
  6. Postal address, telephone number, fax, e-mail
  7. If you have a website, include this also.
  8. If the Association is no longer functioning, date when it was last active, and if possible the reason why it folded up.

Send all information as an attachment by e-mail to mnc25@optusnet.com.au or to ebm@iinet.net.au.

If e-mail facilities are not available, then post your information to:

Professor M.N.Cauchi
Chairman Migration Museum
25 Garnet Street
Victoria 3056

Thanking you for your assistance.

Professor M.N.Cauchi
Chairman, Migration Museum

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