Know your surname: ABDILLA

ORIGIN: Arabic origin. Abd Allah [servant of God]


  1. Name of a place in Wied ir-Raheb, Kercem, Gozo.
  2. Name of a large water well called Ta' Bir Ghabdalla, half way between Qrendi & Siggiewi.
  3. A very popular comedy by Charles Clews It-Tieg ta' Karmena Abdilla has been performed by Maltese abroad in Australia (Ic-Cittadini in Sydney in 1982, 1985) in New York and other places compiler is not aware of.


The former word abdalla occurs in the following Maltese expressions:

"Ghamilli abdalla fi Trapani" meaning he played a swiftie on me.

"Kif sejjer ix-xoghol? Darba ghal Alla u ohra ghal Abdalla" [How are things at work? One for God and another for Abdalla] meaning sometimes well and sometimes not.


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