MSSP Movement in the World

The Missionary Society of St Paul (MSSP) movement started in Malta and grew out in the world, especially where Maltese lived.

  • Web-site of the MSSP in Australia
    A web-site, giving pictures from the life of the Founder, Joseph De Piro, the history of the Society, and a list of Paulist Addresses.
  • The Servant of God, Joseph DePiro.
    A web-site, detailing the main points in the life of the Founder of the Paulist Missionaries.
  • The Servant of God, Joseph DePiro.
    A web-site, detailing the main points of the Paulist Missionaries. Presented in Maltese, English, Spanish and Italian.
  • St Agatha's Historical Complex
    A detailed tour around the historical complex surrounding the Church of St. Agatha's, in Rabat, Malta, where the MSSPīs Motherhouse is situated. A number of exceptional photos - through the lens of Fr Karm S. Borg mssp, helps the appreciation of the place.
  • St Bernadette's Parish - North Sunshine
    St Bernadette's - a parish under the Pastoral Care of the Paulist Missionaries, and the first Australian Catholic Parish on the Net.
  • Our Lady of Victories Parish - Horsley Park
    Another Parish under the Pastoral Care of the Paulist Missionaries. This is the new web-page of the Parish. Very well kept and regularly updated.
  • St Paul the Apostle - Maltese-Canadian Parish
    This is the only Maltese Parish in the Archdiocese of Toronto (indeed in all of North America). The Parish was entrusted to the Pastoral Care of the Paulist Missionaries in February 1999.
  • Fr Karm Debattista mssp - Official Homepage
    Fr Karm Debattista mssp is a Maltese Paulist singer specialising in Contemporary Christian Music. Believing that music is the best medium to proclaim the message of God, he composes songs to evangelise. His songs are essentially biblical with special attention to the missionary or evangelical aspect of the Church.
  • Through my Lens
    Another Fr Karm shares his talents! One of Fr Borg's passion has been that of Photography. In this site, which proves to be very promising, Fr Karm shares with one and all some of his best shots.

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