Profiles in Maltese Migration

By Lawrence E. Attard

P.E.G. 2003.

This new book by the well known migration historian Fr Lawrence Attard brings together the life histories of a number of personalities who have had their names linked indelibly with the migration history. We find here a brief history of the individual concerned, and his or her relations with Maltese migrants.

The nineteen biographies included in this monograph refer to:

Nicolo' Pappaffy (1792-1886)

Vincenzo Bugeja (1820-1890)

Lorenzo Manche' (1846-1921)

Lewis Mizzi (1848-1935)

Charles Mattei (1864-1939)

Henry Casolani (1869-1940)

Mgr George Caruana (1882-1951)

Fr William Bonett (1884-1928)

Fr Michael Borg (1886-1963)

Fr Raphael Pace (1888-1953)

Captain Henry Curmi (1890-1967)

Laurent Ropa (1891-1967)

John Giordmaine (18998-1974)

Joseph Edward Doublet (1901-1987)

Carmelo Caruana (1914-1985)

Fr Dominic Coppola (1914-1998)

John J. Cole (1915-2000)

Jospehine Zammit (1925-1988)

Joe Abela (1931-1991)

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