The 224 Excluded Maltese

Author: Dr. Barry York, Europe-Australia Institute,

The official returns, collected by customs' officers at each port, reveal that 214 Maltese were excluded from Australia as prohibited immigrants in 1916. Of that number, 208 were kept out by section 3(a), the dictation test. Prior to 1916, two had been excluded under section 3(d), which related to persons with contagious diseases. In 1926, five Maltese were excluded, one under paragraph (a), two under paragraph (f) and two were stowaways. Paragraph (f) in 1926 related to persons likely, in the opinion of a customs officer, to become "a charge upon the public". Three more Maltese were excluded: one each in 1927, 1932 and 1934. The latter two were stowaways from Egypt and French Morocco but again, in 1927, one Maltese was victim of section 3(a), the dictation test.

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