Maltese-Australian History

Australia represents a major port of call for the Maltese.

  • A Centenary in Australia
    The Maltese community in Australia recently celebrated its centenary of the first organised and subsidies and large-group migration.
  • Maltese 'prohibited immigrants'
    Life was not always easy for the Maltese. In fact in a number of circumstances, Maltese arriving Australian were not allowed to disembark.
  • The Maltese in Woolloomooloo Wharf
    Barry York uses Maltese oral history accounts to discover what life was like in Woolloomooloo’s wharf community a century ago.

These articles have been contributed by Dr Barry York who is of Maltese descent on his father's side.

The author would dearly love to hear from any readers of this article who are descendants of, or have new information on, either Giuseppe Mifsud or any of the "Maltese of New Caledonia". His postal address is: PO Box 101, Lyneham, ACT, Australia, 2602.




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