Malta Emigrants Commission

Association of the Families of Migrants

Activities carried out by this Association include:

  • Delivery of Christmas Hampers
  • Mother's Day Hampers
  • Confirmation of children of visiting migrants
  • Social Gatherings
  • Charities
  • Affinity Groups

The Association is one of the earliest activities of the Emigrants Commission. It came into being to assuage the pain caused by separation from loved ones.

Emigrants are invited to send hampers to their loved ones here in Malta especially for Christmas.

The same applies for Mother's Day. The Commission offers its services for this through its representatives abroad.

To order a Mother's Day or Christmas Humpers, please contact Mr Joseph Calleja.

Visiting migrants can meet their relatives and friends at the premises of Dar l-Emigrant where they can also enjoy the multi-media show Sacred Island in a recently refurbished small theatre.

Children of visiting migrants are especially welcome.

Those parents who would like to organize functions for their children while in Malta, be they religious or otherwise, can do so.

For more information or enquires please contact Miss Rosene Borg.

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