Malta Emigrants Commission

Research Centre

The work and effort of the Research centre includes:

  • Library
  • Museum
  • History of Maltese Migration
  • Publication of review: Lil Hutna
  • Weekly Radio programme "Migrants Magazine"

The Research Centre houses a number of books, reviews and newspapers on migration, both Maltese and international.

The history of Maltese emigration during the 20th century is being compiled. Two books have been published which cover the periods 1900-1914 and 1918-1939. The third book will cover emigration from 1946.

A bilingual (English/Maltese) review called Lil Hutna has been published since 1950. This review is for all those interested in Maltese migration and is a useful link between Maltese communities overseas. All past numbers are available at the Research Centre.

The Research Centre is also producing weekly programme in Maltese and English on the development of Maltese migration. These programmes are broadcasted on the radio "Voice of the Mediterrean" on short wave and can be heard in many countries.

The Research Centre collaborates with Radio Malta in producing a weekly programme called Migrant's Magazine. The programme gives news and comments on Maltese communities overseas, interviews with visiting migrants and gives information on the activities of the Emigrants' Commision.

Students of Maltese migration are especially welcome to avail themselves of the facilities of the Research Centre, at Dar l-Emigrant, Valletta.

To obtain more information, or to get any published material, please contact Fr. Lawrence Attard.

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