Malta Emigrants Commission

Dar l-Emigrant, Castille Place
Valletta VLT 01, Malta
Phone (+356) 21222644, 21232545, 21240255
Fax (+356) 21240022
Office Hours:
 (Mon-Fri): 8.30-12.30am, 3.00 - 6.00pm
 Summer time: 8.30-1.30pm

Emigrants Commission is a non-governmental, non-profitable, voluntary organisation, which is established to help and protect people in need by offering them free services, counselling and protection.

The Emigrants Commission came into being in 1950 due to the huge exodus of Maltese to foreign lands because of overpopulation and unemployment. The aim was to offer help to those who intended to settle abroad.

Now its services cover all those affected by migration including immigrants, refugees and tourists. Under the patronage of the Emigrants Commission there are other organisations whose activities are orientated to help immigrants and tourists in more specific areas and it also houses Associations such as:

  • Maltese - Canadian Association
  • U.K. and Other Countries
  • Maltese - American Association
  • Friends of Australia Association
  • International Wives Association
  • Association of Families of Migrants

The activities of the Emigrants Commission are various and many such as:

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