FOMA Convention 2000

Conference of Leaders of Maltese Communities Overseas. Jan/Feb 2000.

This is the full text of the Proceedings and Report.

Topic I
Maltese Connections Overseas

Topic II
Preservation of Maltese Culture and Language

Topic III
The Elderly and Services Available to them

Topic IV
Youths and their Achievements

  • Maltese Origin Youth and their Achievements - New Zealand
    Dr Carmen Dalli
  • Youths and their Achievements - Australia
    Pauline Calleja
  • Maltese-Canadian Youth and their Achievements
    Joseph Portelli
  • Youths and their Achievements in the United Kingdom
    Bernard Scerri
  • Malta Memories of a Second-Generation, Maltese-American Women
    Claudia M Caruana

Topic V
Citizenship and Bilateral Agreements

  • Citizenship
    J. Treeby Ward, Director, Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs
  • Bilateral Agreements on Social Security - The Malta Case
    Edward Gatt, Director, Social Security Department
  • Pensions Under the Agreement with Australia: Back to Basics
    Clemente Zammit
  • Citizenship - A Sense of Belonging
    Lawrence Dimech
  • The Value of Long-Term Strategic Links between Educational Institutions and Discreet Community Groups such as the Maltese
    Clemente Zammit
  • Bilateral Agreements between Malta and the United Kingdom
    Rev. Victor J Camilleri O.F.M.

Topic VI
The Maltese Migrant and Religion

  • L-Emigranti Maltin u r-Religjon
    Rev. Mgr. Philip Calleja
  • The Maltese Migrant and Religion - Australia
    Rev. Tarcisio Micallef M.S.S.P.
  • The Maltese Migrant and Religion - Canada
    Rev. Mark Demanuele M.S.S.P.
  • The Maltese Migrant and Religion - United Kingdom
    Rev. Victor J. Camilleri O.F.M.
  • Maltese Emigrants and Religion - United States
    Rev. Julian Cassar


  • Report on the Convention of Leaders of Associations of Maltese Abroad and of Maltese Origin
  • Recommendations adopted by the Convention
  • Establishment by the Convention of a “Federation of Maltese Abroad”
  • Indirizz tal-Gheluq mic-Chairman tal-Konvenzjoni
    George N Busuttil
  • List of Participants
  • Photographic exhibition of Maltese Emigrant Pioneers in McKay, Queensland, Australia entitled “Our Shared Heritage 1883-1946”

Annex 1

Events organised during the Conventions:

  • Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture by Migrant Maltese Artists and
  • Artists of Maltese Origin entitled “Maltese Talents Abroad”510

Annex 2

  • Soirée at the Manoel Theatre

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