The Aim of the Malta Virtual Emigration Museum

The aim of the Malta Migration Museum website is to collect information relating to issues of interest to migrants and migration. It will be a site which will continue to grow to provide the most comprehensive collection of such information.

You might ask why the need for another website? We believe that this website is unique in many ways. It will link all those persons interested in their Maltese past, in Maltese history, and more specifically in the process of emigration which they or their parents have gone through. It will highlight historical or actual facts of interest, and this in sufficient detail to enable serious investigators to delve into and obtain relevant information. In this way it will provide a resource not at the moment available elsewhere.

The objective of this website is indeed a very ambitious one. Already at this stage of development we have several hundred pages of material online, and the amount waiting in the pipeline is many times this. So without any doubt this is going to be the most comprehensive source of information about the migration process.

We also host a myriad of information on Maltese associations overseas. ALL MALTESE ASSOCIATIONS OVERSEAS ARE REQUESTED TO SUBMIT INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR ASSOCIATION TO BE INCLUDED IN THE WEBSITE. Information on how to submit material is available online.

We hope that this aim will be reached with the help of the many contributors as well as those who will browse and comment on ways to improve this website.

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