The 1991 Census shows that income of Maltese-speaking persons in Australia was low: 36.8% earned less that $12,000 pa, and 0.2% earned more than $70,000. (Kipps et al 1995)

There is an obvious correlation between occupation and median income. Professional people earned ($36,873) significantly more than mangers ($30,952), tradespersons ($26,131), Clerks ($27,432) and labourers ($21,182). These figures for male 2nd generation persons are considerable higher (about 25%) than those for females. While the average earning for Maltese 2nd generation persons was no different from other ethnic groups within the same category, the fact that there are proportionately a higher proportion of Maltese in the lower earning occupations means that Maltese overall have a lower income than most other ethnic groups. A direct confirmation of this expectation would be relevant.

Source: Maurice N.Cauchi - The Maltese Migrant Experience, Malta 1999

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