7.2 Expectation of Life

The expectation of life for new arrivals from the age of 20 is 56.3 years of males and 60.5 years for females. This is comparable to the Australian-born population (53.25 and 60.30 respectively). There is then a gradual decrease in life expectation , more marked for males than females. The expectation of life of a person who has been living in Australia for 20 years is reduced by about 2-3 years. The difference for females is slightly less - about 2 years. (Young 1986 p 68). Two things have to be noted about this finding. Firstly, that this reduction in life expectancy is one of the highest in all ethnic groups. Secondly, it must be compared with the life expectancy of the Maltese in Malta - if equivalent, then this might imply a genetic tendency to life-shortening diseases.

Source: Maurice N. Cauchi - Maltese Migrants in Australia, Malta 1990

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