5.4 Secondary Education in Australia

Maltese students tend to leave school earlier than the average Australian-born, and much earlier than the average S, European. In 1981, the proportion of Austrlain-born Maltese leaving school at 15 yrs was 29.0% and at 16 yrs it was 35.2 %i.e. i.e. a total of 64.2% leave school by this age. (1981 census). This is higher higher than the average Australian-born (58.7%), and much greater than the average Greek 35.3%,or Italian35.3%), or (3-7%) drop-out rate.

Comparing this with the 1986 census, we find that the proportion of Maltese-born students leaving school at 1.5 years of age or earlier was i-.7(7c and at 16 years is 36.0%, a total of 53.7%. This is an improvement on the 1981 Census, but the drop-out rate is still much higher than the average Australian or European rate.

A comparison between retention rates in Malta and Australia is given in Appendix I (p 108). The most obvious feature of these graphs is the close similarity between retention rate in Australia compared to that of Government schools in Malta. In both instances also, girls form the majority of students.

Source: Maurice N. Cauchi - Maltese Migrants in Australia, Malta 1990

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