4.8 Social Security pensioners and beneficiaries

Overall, about 67% of Maltese are receiving some sort of government benefit. This is slightly higher than the general sample (49%), or the NESB sample (60%), but less than some other ethnic groups (eg Lebanese 76%) (OMA 1989).

The main benefits relate to unemployment, sickness, dependent spouses and children. Compared to Australian or European born, there is relatively less unemployment benefit and more dependent spouses and children benefits received by Maltese-born. Only 28/1000 of Maltese receive unemployment benefit compared to 33/1000 of Australian and 32/1000 of European born. By contrast, about 69/1000 of Maltese- born receive dependent spouses or children benefit compared to 5011000 of Australian and 58/1000 of European-born.

In comparison with the general population or with the NESB population, Maltese are drawing proportionately less old age pensions (15%) and more invalid pensions (11.5%) (see tables)

Source: Maurice N. Cauchi - Maltese Migrants in Australia, Malta 1990

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