4.2 How Many Workers?

In 1987, the number of Maltese-born persons employed in Australia was nearly 29,000, which represent 0.5% of the total Australian work force (5-8 million), and 1.53% of the total overseas born work force (1-9 million).

The participation rate, defined as the number of people in the labour force (employed and unemployed) expressed as a percentage of the civilian Population aged 15 years and over, was just over 60% for Australia as a whole with no major differences for overseas born (Castles 1989). In 1982-84, the participation rate for Maltese-born males was 82-86% (Australian-born 77-78%), and for females it was 39-42% (Australian-born 45-46%).

Source: Maurice N. Cauchi - Maltese Migrants in Australia, Malta 1990

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