3.5 Ethnic Strength

Attempts have been made to estimate the number of persons of Maltese origin in Australia (see Price 1987). He estimated that there are over 107,000 persons of unmixed origin and over 71,000 of mixed origin, giving a total of over 178,000 persons of Maltese descent. The proportion of unmixed to total is therefore 79.4%

More recent analysis of the 1986 census reveals that there are 110,237 persons who said they had a Maltese ancestry, as follows:

Victoria (50,020), New South Wales (46,169), Queensland (6,714), South Australia (4,171), Western Australia (2,085), the Australian Capital Territory (730), Tasmania (177) and the Northern Territory (171). About 47% of persons in Australia with a Maltese ancestry were born in Australia.

There are also a considerable number of persons with Maltese ancestry who were born neither in Malta nor in Australia. The majority were born in Egypt (2,981), England (484), Yugoslavia (131), and Italy (108).

A considerable number with Maltese ancestry were born in Libya and Tunisia, but separate figures for these are not available. There are also 68 American-born and 89 Canadian-born persons in Australia. Remaining birthplaces include New Zealand, Western Samoa, France, Sweden, Romania, Latvia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Cyprus, Lebanon, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, and several others.1

I am indebted to Dr Barry York for drawing these data to my attention.

Source: Maurice N. Cauchi - Maltese Migrants in Australia, Malta 1990

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