Association of Maltese Communities of Egypt

The Association of Maltese Communities of Egypt traces its origin to 1854, when a small number of Maltese workers grouped themselves around their local Church in Alexandria and formed theKonfraternita tal-Madonna tal-Karmnu (The confraternity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel) which, through the years expanded its activities to Mutual Help, Benevolent Societies, Clubs, Philodramatic & Philharmonic Groups, Ladies Unions, Scouts, Guides, Football teams, etc. in the four main cities of Egypt: Alexandria, Cairo, Port Said and Suez.

All these independent Associations were, in the 1920s, grouped into four Community Councils (one for each town) which in turn came under the umbrella of the Central Council of the Maltese Communities of Egypt in the 1930s.

When in 1956 the Maltese, as British subjects, were ejected from Egypt, they transferred their social and welfare activities to England by joining them together into our present Association which, in effect, took over the function previously discharged by the Central Council.

Maltese, like all other Europeans living in Egypt, were not subject to Egyptian Laws, As British subjects they came under the Law of England, and therefore never lost their identity. As such, and by living now in England, we pride ourselves not only of being the oldest Maltese Association established overseas, but also by being the only one having continuously kept uninterrupted the link with the British Monarch following the pledge that our forefathers took of their own free will in the early 1800s.

In addition to looking after the interests of Maltese previously residents of Egypt, we administer a Welfare Fund, organise social events, cooperate fully with other Malta connected associations and the British Legion, and publish a Newsletter which is read in several countries where members of the Association have settled down since the end of WW2. Since June 1992 the title name The Friends of Malta GC has been incorporated within our name.

As citizens of the United Kingdom of Maltese origin our aim is to keep alive and improve the friendly connections between the two countries.

Current Office Bearers:


Ivan Magri-Overend


Anthony G.Camileri

Hon Secretary

Oscar Mario Vella

Hon Treasurer

Herbert Magri-Overend

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