Brief Historical Points of the Old Maltese Society of Toronto

Author: Richard S. Cumbo, O.S.J.


Toronto Maltese are mentioned as a small group in a report by the Holy Name Society Union. Community was being visited by various Maltese priests.


Founders met in a hall on Simcoe Street and founded the Maltese Society (also known as the Toronto Maltese Club).


Until he sold it in 1948, Commiittee use to meet in G. Borg's grocery store.


The Society participated as a group in the Holy Name Society procession at St. Patrick's Church at Dundas and McCaul Streets, Toronto.


The Society organized a farewell banquet for Rev. Fr. P. Gauci, secretary to the Bishop of Malta.


"Of Toronto" was added to the name of the organization, and the first Society constitution was printed.


Founders met to discuss the location for, the future erection of a Maltese church.


Society President Charles Baldacchine wrote to Toronto Archbishop Neil McNeil asking for a Maltese priest.


MCST President C. Baldacchine and community members went to Toronto's Union Station to welcome Fr. Cauchi.


Cornerstone of old St. Paul's was laid, for many years the Society because of its involvement with St. Paul's, was called "ii-Kazin tal-Knisja", the club of the church.


The basement church, which was literally built by the community and cooperation of the founders, was completed, Augustinian Father Alphonse Cauchi was the first pastor.


The MCST participated in Toronto's centennial parade (1834-1934) and won first prize for its float, the trophy is now at St. Paul the Apostle complex.


Father Cauchi and committee organized picnic to the Toronto Islands.


The Society assists Fr. Cauchi in raising funds to support St. Paul the Apostle Maltese Church.


MCST participates in the opening of St. Paul's Hall.


MCST was in charge of the "Malta Relief Fund" in Canada to raise funds and supplies for beleaguered Malta during the Second World War.


"Melita Dramatic Group' of the MCST was formed to stage plays. Earlier plays or "teatrini" had taken place.


The George Cross is superimposed onto the MCST flag, this flag had been made sometime in the early 1930's. In 1990 it was donated to Dar L'Emigranti's museum,Valletta.


Fr. A. Cauchi died, large funeral held in his honour.


MCST members and members of Detroit's Maltese community meet to celebrate "Malta Day', at St. Paul's Hall, Toronto.


Society presented an engraved silver watch to John Zammit (ii-Gudra) for his tireless efforts towards the MCST


MCST holds a Maltese style carnival and continues to have "teatrini' at St. Paul's Hall.


"Malta Day" in Toronto was celebrated again by the MCST, with a Mass and procession at old St. Paul's Church.


St. Paul's pastor Fr. D. J. O'Neill attempted to have the Society incorporated.


The MCST assists new immigrants to Toronto in cooperation with the Government of Malta.


The Society played a major role in collecting funds for the new St. Paul's Church, under the direction of Father L. Bonavia, O.F.M., PP.


Cornerstone of new church is laid, MCST participates in the opening in 1956, because of its importance in assisting St. Paul's, the name of the Society and some founders are engraved on a stone plaque at the entrance of the church.


The MCST participates in the opening of the halls and convent.


A 40th Anniversary dinner-dance was held in St. Paul's Auditorium. Four of the Founders were present and were photographed together.


Former President of the MCST Mr. Angelo Cutajar was made the first lifemember of the club. In 1942 he had run for public office. He died in 1973.


For the first time in Toronto the Maltese flag was raised officially at Toronto's New City Hall in commemoration of "Malta Day" by the MCST, by a proclamation from the Mayor's office.


The MCST was the first Maltese organization to participate in the Community Folk Arts Council of Toronto 'Easter Around the World' exhibit at Toronto City Hall. The club participated in this event on an annual basis.


MCST President Kt. Cdr. F. Savona organized a Maltese beauty pageant, as part of the Maltese community's Canadian Centennial Celebrations (18671967).


MCST held its first 'Miss Malta of Toronto Beauty Pageant' now known as the "Miss Malta Pageant'. Club moved to rented basement of Stellini's Travel Agency.


MCST first large band was formed in the club, now a club on its own known as the "Malta Bank Club, Inc." founded in 1971.


The charitable work of the MCST was dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the presidency of Mr. J. R. Cordina., club moved to 3278 Dundas St. W.


A new MCST Flag was designed (however the maple leaf with the superimposed Maltese cross had been used years previously) it was donated by the Joe and Lorry Vassallo, their father Joseph had been one of the Founders.


MCST celebrates its glorious 50th Anniversary, with many events, the main one being a large parade in Toronto with the participation of Ontario's Maltese associations.


MCST files, old photos, documents, etc., are sent to the Public Archives in Ottawa for safe keeping, information on the Society can now be found in various archival institutions.


President A. Goggi called for a special meeting of all the Toronto Maltese clubs to assist the MCST in organizing the "Malta Day" celebrations (up until this point the Society had always held the celebrations). A Malta Day Committee was formed with representatives of all clubs, afterwards the Maltese Organizations Committee came into being (now Maltese-Canadian Federation).


President A. Vassallo officially opened the MCST Library, work on this project had been started by President A. Goggi, the bookcases were made by life-member Paul Mizzi.


Just prior to this year the MCST had many difficulties and it nearly floundered, however a new committee was elected in April, 1977, this committee commenced to re-vitalize the old club.


The Society was the first Maltese organization to participate with the Canada Week Committee in the 'Canada Day' Celebrations in Toronto.


The Society was instrumental, along with Toronto's other Maltese organizations in having a small parkette at Dundas St., W. and St. John's Road named "Malta Park"


During Toronto's Historical Board's first "Heritage Fair" at old Fort York, the Society participated by arranging the Maltese Exhibit.


Through the gratis assistance of the lawyer Paul Zammit of the firm Zammit, Dash and Semple of Toronto, the MCST was Provincially incorporated on May 31, 1982.


The glorious 60th Anniversary celebration of the Society took place during the Miss Malta Pageant - 1982, on November 27, 1982. A video (by Joe Zammit) and historical booklet were produced by Richard Cumbo.


The Hibernians (Maltese) Soccer Club and the Maltese Program Fan Club joined the MCST


The only Maltese to receive Ontario's Gold Bi-Centennial award was the Society's Life-member Richard Cumbo.


Official visit of Malta's Prime Minister Dr. E. Fenech-Adami to MCST Club.


The MCST had it's 65th anniversary.


After over 20 years at 3278 Dundas St., W., the club moved to another rental premise at 3084/86 Dundas St., West.


70th Anniversary was commemorated during Miss Malta Pageant.


The MCST moved to rented premises (owned by Malta Band Club) at 235 Medland Street at Dundas Str. W.,


The Society joyously celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a Mass of thanksgiving at St. Paul the Apostle Church and activities in the "Junction". Toronto City Council proclaimed Sept. 28, 1997 as "Maltese-Canadian Society of Toronto Day'

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