Maltese-Canadian Society of Toronto

The Maltese-Canadian Society of Toronto (MCST), the oldest Maltese organization in North America, was founded ,September 1922. At that time, it was simply called the Maltese-Canadian Society; "of Toronto" was later added in 1927, when its first constitution was printed.

The MCST was founded by a group of men who wished to keep the Maltese unified and to stimulate the small, growing community in downtown Toronto. They were John Zammit, Joseph Vassallo, Anthony Scicluna, Emmanuel Borg and Anthony DeBatisse. Its first chairman was Father A. Cauchi, a Maltese Augustinian priest, who first inspired these men to form a group with the goal of erecting a Maltese National Church. Its main objective is to assist new immigrants in making a smooth transition to their new life in Canada, while helping them preserve their cultural identity.

Some of its major activities throughout the year include a Miss Malta of Toronto beauty contest, the annual picnic and.'children's Christmas party, a carnival dance and an Easter display at City Hall. The MCST is governed by an Executive Committee elected by its members, who are all volunteers. It also has a life-membership award, an honour bestowed upon members devoted to the society. This non-profit organization is totally dependent on the proceeds from its main events and donations, with additional support provided by government grants.

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