Acquisition Of Maltese Citizenship By Children Whose Mother Was A Citizen Of Malta At The Time Of Their Birth

Citizenship used to be transmitted to the children only by their father. In line with the evolution of the citizenship laws in other countries, Malta introduced the transmission of Maltese citizenship by the mother as from 1 August 1989 and since then all those children who were born abroad to a mother who was a citizen of Malta, acquired automatically Maltese citizenship.

The law has now been further amended to give the opportunity to all those persons who were born on or after the 21 September 1964 and before the 1 August 1989 to acquire Maltese citizenship by registration. These persons, irrespective of whether they reside in Malta or abroad, and without having to satisfy any residence conditions, can apply for registration as citizens of Malta and may then retain such citizenship together with the citizenship they now hold.

In all those cases where a foreign national has to apply to acquire Maltese citizenship (that is, where citizenship is being acquired by a voluntary act) it is important that the person concerned verifies whether under his/her country's citizenship legislation, he/she might lose the citizenship of that country because of the said voluntary act.

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