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The aim of the Malta Migration Museum website is to collect information relating to issues of interest to migrants and migration. It will be a site which will continue to grow to provide the most comprehensive collection of such information.

We hope that with your help we reach our aim. We rely on our many contributors, as well as those who browse our site for their comments to find ways to improve this website. All feedback is appreciated.

We also host a myriad of information on Maltese associations overseas. ALL MALTESE ASSOCIATIONS OVERSEAS ARE REQUESTED TO SUBMIT INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR ASSOCIATION TO BE INCLUDED IN THE WEBSITE. Information on how to submit material is available online.

This website forms part of the Malta Migration Museum project and is under the auspices of the Emigrants Commission, Malta

Disclaimer: This website is run on a voluntary basis and has no official link with government bodies in Malta.

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Malta Migration website editor Dr Edwin Borg-Manché

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NEW ITEM added in March 2016:

  • The Maltese of Woolloomooloo Wharf Dr Barry York uses Maltese oral history accounts to discover what life was like in Woolloomooloo’s Wharf community a century ago. Article first published in the National Library of Australia Magazine March 2016 pp 16-19.

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