Maltese Emigration History

This section will provide information and details about the historical aspects of the Maltese migratory movements.

  • Maltese in New Zealand - (Added in History)- by Dr Carmen Dalli > NEW)

  • Bibliography of Maltese Migration - Prepared by Gorg Borg, Librarian, Gozo Reference Library. Books and Pamphlets

  • The Safety Valve - 5 Chapters dealing with the History of Maltese Emigration from 1946. Other chapters to be added later.

  • Malta to Australia - Information about the centenary of the first organised and subsidised large-group migration from Malta to Australia.

  • Early Migration - 5 Chapters on Early Migration by Fr Lawrence E. Attard.
  • The TSS Columbia - The voyage of the T/S.S. Columbia - by Evelyn Spiteri

  • Profiles in Maltese Migration - By Lawrence E. Attard

  • Early Maltese Migration 6 - Documents relating to Early Maltese Migration to Australia

  • Tripoli of Barbary - a historical dissertation about the Maltese community established in Tripoli (Libya) by Romeo Cini (click here for PDF version)

  • A Transient Colony in the Valley of the Nile - The History of the Maltese Colony in Egypt throughout the 19th and 20th Century by Nicholas D Chircop OAM (click here for PDF version)

  • Onboard towards Brazil - Maltese Migrants on the SS.Province - by Almir da Silveira (Brazil)

  • Newspaper Coverage in Australia on the Maltese of New Caledonia Incident 1916

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