Speech - Bernard Scerri (UK)

Bernard Scerri delivered his speech on this subject, emphasising that unlike Australia and Canada, records for the UK, are almost non-existent, that he had to base this paper on personal experience and that of friends. While the initial interest of the Maltese migrant in the UK was mainly to better their livelihood, and integrate in a British way of life, it was soon established that other engrossment in our culture and traditions were badly missed. He stated that many community leaders, in the past had made attempts to organise the Maltese culturally in the UK. Most of these had failed. The Maltese Culture Movement, formed some two years ago had so far succeeded, by responding to the demands of the Maltese community in a cultural and traditional way. He humorously described the scene of Maltese rushing towards the pastizzi stand at one of their Imnarja functions, like that of a stampede. So great was the longing for these traditions that it was almost frightening. He emphasised on the need for more of these events and concluded that the Maltese know what is good and always seek the best. Entertainment in the UK comes to a very high standard and as such our functions as traditional as they may be, have to meet the same standards or be bettered.

Source: 'Malta' - Maltese Culture Movement, Issues 4,5,6, 2000.

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