Speech - Mr Ivan Magri-Overend (Maltese of Egypt)

Mr Ivan Magri-Overend spoke last and delivered his thoughts and recollections on the community of Maltese who resided in Egypt before their departure from North Africa in the mid 1950s. The Maltese Community life in Cairo was like a club which embraced people of the same aims and objectives, namely to preserve and uphold the Maltese culture and language. Activities included social, religious, artistic and educational features, which were participated by the closely knit community of Maltese. There were Maltese residents also in Alexandria, Port Said and Suez. They had access to newspapers and literature brought over to them from Malta by visiting clergymen and other sources. A radio network was also available.

After leaving Egypt for England, the Maltese set up the Association of Maltese Communities of Egypt, which commemorates the main Maltese historical events.

Source: 'Malta' - Maltese Culture Movement, Issues 4,5,6, 2000.

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