Speech - Pierre Dimech (Maltese of Algeria)

A message from Pierre Dimech representing the Maltese of Algeria was, that while he is of French nationality and has been living in France for the last 40 years he is practically 100% of Maltese origin. He expressed his opinion that the cultural question of assimilation is of more importance than that of nationality. He went on explaining that educational factors in the 'frenchifying' process of most of the European Community of Algeria, and circumstances in communications and loss of direct ties with relatives in Malta, have led to the present state. He concluded that today those descendants of early Maltese from Algeria who had to leave after the country became an Arab and Islamic state are living in France, of which they are loyal citizens, but whose past is not quite theirs. They still remember their Maltese forefathers and hoped that they can be recognised as genuine children of Malta. He ended by pleading to this convention "to renew our ties with our Maltese roots."

Source: 'Malta' - Maltese Culture Movement, Issues 4,5,6, 2000.

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